Retail Business Russia

13 – 15 September
XVIII International Industry Summit

What’s unique in 2018 agenda?

Retail Business Russia 2018 is an annual and new (!) meeting of retailers at a highest international level. Exchange of strategy vision and best practices between all segments of modern retail. Live dialogue between first persons of modern retail chains, omnichannel retail and CPG producers. The dialogue is focused on future of retail, which is formed by new consumer market leaders — digital platforms and ecosystems.


For the first time in history Retail Business Russia 2018 will welcome a «Platforms Summit», an international meeting of economy leaders — digital platforms and ecosystems.

Private sessions and panel discussions. Historical dialogue of modern and supernova retail — «New Retail», 13th September.


The nature of current changes is global. International business and analytics, including World Retail Congress experts will come to Russia and take part in Retail Business Russia 2018 to share their vision of taking place events.


Live broadcasting of two key sessions on more than 10 major cities of Russia and EAEU. Supported by Sberbank.


Retail Business Russia 2018 is about the decisions that must be taken today.

Exchange of views and best practices from each segment of retail: innovative technologies, new formats and new generations.

RBR 2018: Make Retail Great Again!

Significant changes affecting retail now are the consequence of new, more effective business models and store formats accessing world’s market. Chains have changed the world 50 years ago, now it’s «New Retail» turn to change it again, but significantly faster! New revolutionaries, such as Alibaba and Amazon, have unprecedented scale and potential for market’s consolidation. These models’ novelty lies in the fact, that these platforms are essentially ecosystems for other businesses development. Both online and offline. Today these digital channels and brick & mortar stores are not just becoming a part of organic whole, but penetrate and change each other.

Retail’s landscape in Russia is significantly changing as in any other part of the world. Retail and the whole economy leaders, such as Sberbank and Yandex are developing national scale ecosystems, but worldwide leaders are also here as well. This big race will change the market much stronger and faster than Perestroika, which made retailing in Russia legal and free.

This is the reason Retail Business Russia Congress will welcome «Ecosystems Summit» for the first time – future platform economy leaders’ meeting. To give retailers and FMCG producers an opportunity to learn and understand how the market and its constituents will function and interact tomorrow. As well, as establish high-level partnerships through contacts and make decent decisions.

Retail Business Russia is changing together with the industry. Along with tomorrow innovations, in 2018 agenda there are most actual topics about today’s here and now. Questions, chosen by delegates vote. Answers by more than 100 unique speakers. Everything, to make Russian consumers admire our stores again. To Make Retail Great Again! And highly-profitable!

Alexey Filatov
BBCG / Academy Retail


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